Monte Grande

Monte Grande – Chess Club – Circolo Scacchi

Enthusiasm and children’s smiles are what drives Monte Grande (Veli Vrh): a young and in many ways a unique chess club from Croatia. With us, teamwork and team spirit come first. Chess teaches us concentration and problem solving, and we have great fun along the way. Travels and competitions create unforgettable memories. We monitor chess events at Veli Vrh, follow competitions, evoke the euphoria of playing for school and club, relay the most projective moments with our chess performances and showcase what we have initiated to give our children better conditions for chess and growth.

Online competition –

Due to COVID-19 danger and isolation, our weekly classes could not take place any more. Best thing we could do is to invite them all to!! This way they can hang together playing chess, waiting for “real thing” to come back. Holding everyday tournament was something really fun. But after few weeks, we met some nice people and chess clubs with similar situation, notably Tatanzak team and in no time competiton was arranged. First international tournament U16 team battle was held on 11.4.2020. with 10 teams. Later, a U11 team battle for youngest ones was established. Today, our team proudly participates in both events. Here is a story about them…

Worldwide Junior Team Battle

Started as friendly international match between several chess clubs on, Worldwide Junior Team Battle soon became a major event. More than 40 clubs and 600+ players competing in several divisions with promotion system. Every week two teams from each divsion get promoted in the upper division and two are relegated in lower one. Tournament is U16, that is, those born from 2004 onwards.

Tournaments will be played every Saturday at 5 pm CET. Time control is 10 + 2, tournaments last 120 minutes. There are no limits, each team can field as many players as they want.

Worldwide U11 Team Battle

Following success of Worldwide Junior, we prepared another team battle, Worldwide U11 Team Battle, which puts more emphasis on beginners and players with little experience. Advanced/stronger players should compete in Worldwide Junior.
U11 is for kids born from 2009 onwards.
Tournaments are played on Wednesdays 2 pm and 6:30 pm CET. Time control is 10+3. Tournament duration is 80 minutes.

The most important thing is that the spirit of these competitions remains friendly.